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No Excuses Ever

​On 08/17/2020 my beautiful Mother Pat Wicher went to Heaven.

A little history of my beautiful mother!!! She was a beautiful woman inside & out. She was always very active in our life & her grandchildren’s life!!

In 2003 she had a heart attack and had to have open heart surgery at the young age of 57. She recovered well from the surgery, she was headed to her heart rehab & a man ran a stop sign & tboned her going 50 miles an hour!! She received many life changing injuries including a broken back, broken ankle & wrist (which both required surgery) some brain damage too.

Her health began declining. In 2014 she was diagnosed with COPD & also neuropathy. She was in and out of the hospital & nursing home for the past 5 years.

Unfortunately for us her body was tired of fighting!! We were blessed to be able to spend her last days with her!!

After her passing I received a few phone calls checking in on me to make sure I wasn’t going to start drinking again. At first I was a little annoyed thinking “Do these people not listen to me or read my posts?” But then I realized how many times people use a tragedy or something stressful as their excuse to start drinking, smoking or drugging again. That is exactly what it is an EXCUSE!!!

You see I wake up everyday & make a decision to stay sober that day! It’s a choice I make!! I don’t need to make an excuse to take a drink, if I decided to drink that’s completely a conscious decision that I’m making!! I Love my sobriety & I will choose to continue that till I am called home with Jesus!!

I will never forget how sick I was & I will never become complacent. I am blessed to be sober for over 16 years!!! My journey is a journey of H.O.P.E. My HOPE is that I can offer others the HOPE that I have.

Mom I miss & love you so much! Until I see you again I promise I will make you proud!! ❤️


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