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I am now Published!

Turning Point, Now Available!

I am super excited to present our baby, "Faith, Failure, Success Volume 3: Turning Point" to our family and friends. Help us make this Amazon's #1 Best Seller!

Faith, Failure, Success Volume 3 - Turning Point explores the moment or moments that change us forever. Join us as we present the stories of 5 individuals from very different walks of life, each sharing the wisdom that comes only from reaching that life-shifting turning point.


  • Rodger B. Jackson Jr.

  • Tammy Lyn Connors

  • Robert Hazzard Jr.

  • Ashvin Lad

  • Benita Johnson

Each of us share special moments with a very personal and intimate look at how our lives can change in seconds.

It is now available for purchase on Amazon!


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