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You Are Not Alone

​Do you ever look out in the world & feel so alone? Like You are the only one standing on this Island we call life? You look around and you see so much life around you but you still feel alone?

My friends I know that feeling all to well!! Sometimes I think about all the friends & Family I have in my life & I still feel alone! There was a time in my life I felt so alone that I just drank & drugged to at least feel like people liked me!

Now I know that my aloneness was the devil trying to keep me feeling worthless, hopeless, unworthy & completely broken!!

Now if I even have a moment of aloneness I look around at all the beauty God has made for us & I know I am not alone! He hasn’t & never will leave me. The problem is sometimes I leave him. I get busy, I get sidetracked or I do things that I know he’s not approving of. But the beauty of our father is he has continued to love me even in my ugliest times!

I am promised by him that he will never leave or forsake me! Now I need to promise him that I will share the story of HOPE that he has given me! I am 1 blessed girl that Jesus saved my Life & I pray I can help you with my story!!

Your Friend

Tammy Lyn Connors


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